Trolls Bridge


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Trolls Bridge Slot

The Trolls Bridge has been sealed up and there are multiple trolls guarding it. And they won’t allow anyone to get to the other side so easily. But you’re desperately in need of making it into the castle. And this rests at the other side. So, you’ll have to tackle the trolls one by one in order to successfully enter the grand building. As we said, this won’t be something that’s so easy to do. After all, trolls aren’t the kindest of creatures to deal with. However, Yggdrasil has made sure to integrate some special features into this slot game, giving you the chance to take them out. And in the process of doing so, you’ll be able to earn some necessary coins too. As this is a slot game from Yggdrasil, you can expect to see some of the highest quality in graphics on display. And not only that, but the developer has also made the entirety of the game an exceptionally pleasing offering. The only question that remains, is are you ready to go up against the family of trolls under the bridge? If so, then you’d better join us for a closer look at this slot before doing it. It might just save your behind!