Terms of Service
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  • Any and all content that you submit may be used by the Lots0Cash.com administrators as they see fit, which may include being used on external websites.
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Privacy Information

  • Lots0Cash.com collects personal information when you register for a Lots0Cash.com service or otherwise voluntarily provide such information. We may combine personal information collected from you with information from other Lots0Cash.com services or third parties to provide you with a better user experience.
  • Lots0Cash.com uses cookies and other technologies to enhance your online experience and to learn about how you use Lots0Cash.com services in order to improve the quality of our services.
  • Lots0Cash.com’s servers automatically record information when you visit our website or use some of our products. This includes the URL, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of your request.
  • Lots0Cash.com may use your personal information that we have collected to provide you and only you the services you’ve requested. This includes services that display customized content and advertising.
  • Lots0Cash.com may also use personal information for internal auditing, research, and analysis in order to operate and improve Lots0Cash.com technologies and services we offer to you.
  • Lots0Cash.com may share non-personal information with third parties outside of Lots0Cash.com.
  • All information is stored on servers located in the United States of America.

Email Policy
If you received an email from us, your email address is either listed with us because you used your email address to create a member account or because your or someone you know used your email address to apply for membership at one of our member-based information directories. You may have also supplied your email address while using the contact form on our website.

If you have received any other type of email from Lots0Cash.com, it may very well be a “spoof” or “spam” email that did not actually originate from Lots0Cash.com

How Lots0cash.com Protects Your Privacy

We use the latest security measures that are regularly updated to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of data used by our system.

Lots0Cash.com will never give, share, sell, lease, or rent your personal information with anyone without your permission or unless ordered to do so by a legitimate court of law.

Information submitted to Lots0Cash.com is only available to employees managing this information for the purposes of contacting you based on your requests for information or services.

How to Stop Receiving Emails From Us
Each email that we send contains an easy and automated way for you to stop receiving future communications from us. Should you ever receive unwanted or unsolicited email from Lots0Cash.com, please forward a copy of the email to admin @ lots0cash.com and we will review it as quickly as possible.

What If I Receive An Email From Lots0cash.com That I Didn’t Request

There is always a small possibility that you’ll receive email from Lots0Cash.com that you did not ask for. This can happen if a prankster or malicious individual subscribes to an email list using your email address without your knowledge. Other possible scenarios that could result in you receiving unsolicited email from us would be if our email address is ‘spoofed’ or if our server security is breached. Both of these scenarios are extremely unlikely to happen.

In any case, if you ever receive unwanted or unsolicited email sent from Lots0Cash.com, please forward a copy of the email to admin @ lots0cash.com for us to review.